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Important Info

A valid hunter safety card is required for all hunters born after January 1, 1949.

Rifle and muzzleloader hunters are required to wear a solid hunter orange or pink vest and hat. Orange camo is not adequate.

Split Fork Outfitters operates primarily in Colorado hunt units 74, and 75.

Hunters are required to purchase one $10 habitat stamp per year.

To apply for the draw hunters must first buy a qualifying license. These include either an  annual Small Game License or a Spring  Turkey Tag.

Antler restrictions on elk apply: four points on one side, or a five inch brow tine.


For more information on Colorado big game hunting, please visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife, or see the Big Game Brochure.

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License Pricing

Nonresident Bull: $661.75

Nonresident Cow: $661.75

Nonresident Mule Deer: $396.75

Nonresident Bear: $100

Nonresident Youth (deer/elk):  $100



We are happy to help you with the application process for the limited draw seasons.

Limited Draw Tags

Bull Elk:  Archery/Muzzleloader/1st Rifle/4th Rifle

Cow Elk: Muzzleloader/1st Rifle/2nd Rifle/3rd Rifle/4th Rifle

Mule Deer:  Archery/Muzzleloader/2nd Rifle/3rd Rifle/4th Rifle

Bear:  September Rifle

Over-the-Counter Tags

Bull Elk: 2nd Rifle/3rd Rifle

Bear:  Archery/Muzzleloader/1st Rifle/2nd Rifle/3rd Rifle/4th Rifle

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